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a regional hub for structured dialogue

The overall objective of the action is to address key social and political challenges in the Neighbourhood South (NS) and in EU-NS relations through engaging citizens, involving women and youth, in policy-making processes relevant to civil society, EU institutions, regional entities and authorities. The specific objectives are: 1) Facilitate knowledge and information transfer about EU policies to civil society in the NS, and peers in the EU, by engaging in monitoring and review--



MAJALAT offers forums on its website, that allow people of common interest to discuss, exchange ideas, and experiences on different topics of interest to the Southern Mediterranean neighborhood policies, including security, combating violence, migration and mobility, good governance, social dialogue and development.


In line with the development of social media, MAJALAT seeks to be an alternative to the traditional media, through its digital platforms, which are capable of generating interaction, exchanging ideas, as well as, being aware of all voices to unite the positions, regarding issues of concern. In its digital platform MAJALAT includes a section for training and e-learning on the issues relating to social dialogue, economic development, security and combating of violence, good governance and climate change, to empower and build the capacities of civil society organizations and their members in these areas, to be able to discuss national and European government policies


Map of civil society organizations

This website includes an interactive map of the South of the Mediterranean that enables visitors to access to the list of the NGOs in each country, which registered themselves on the website whether in general or according to the nature of their activity.

Digital Platform

This digital platform is meant to provide support to the civil society in Southern Mediterranean countries to meet and address the major economic and social challenges in the region, through boosting coordination and dialogue among the various stakeholders, in order to extend the scope of the organizations' activities and encourage their participation in the process of formulating general policies’.


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