'Young people take action' a new initiative gathering 20 Algerian youth organizations

April 5th 2019

On April 4th, twenty Algerian youth organizations launched a new campaign entitled "Young people take action". While Algerian youth are massively engaged in a historic mobilization for a profound and radical political change, this initiative aims to boost the participation of young Algerians in the political, economic, social and cultural scene.

work of the Sharek programme ("participate" ) created by the SIDRA association and other projects led by the twenty organizations at the national level.

The representatives of the signatory organizations explained that the collective dynamic created by the organizations in question has led to the achievement of several achievements, such as strengthening of the capacities in the areas of programming and communication, developing the experiences of the organizations' senior staff and consolidating the dialogue between the organizations themselves or with the public authorities. The signatories want to consolidate this momentum to ensure full participation of youth in the Algeria of tomorrow.