About us

Majalat Presentation:

The overall objective of the action is to address key social and political challenges in the Neighbourhood South (NS) and in EU-NS relations through engaging citizens, involving women and youth, in policy-making processes relevant to civil society, EU institutions, regional entities and authorities.

The specific objectives are:

1) Facilitate knowledge and information transfer about EU policies to civil society in the NS, and peers in the EU, by engaging in monitoring and review processes to enhance citizens' possibility for engagement and political participation in matters important to the EU and the NS.

2) Promote an enabling environment for civil society through establishing an inclusive, safe and multi-stakeholders through integrating new social actors, social movements, youth and women groups in this dialogue.

3) Provide sustainable and interactive internet and face-to-face platforms that facilitate constructive dialogue through learning, capacity building and information sharing regarding civil society policy, previous and on initiatives, training opportunities, et.al.