Algeria: Dozens of arrests in the 14th week of protests

May 24th 2019

On the occasion of the 14th consecutive Friday of massive and peaceful demonstrations, dozens of people were arrested and the capital Algiers was cordoned off on May 24th.

According to AFP, at least 19 people were arrested. Mehenna Abdeslam, a protester and a university teacher, told AFP he witnessed "the police systematically arrest anyone carrying a banner".

TSA reported "mass arrests" in Algiers while Samir Larabi,  a former journalist and an activist of the Socialist Workers Party (PST), wrote in the morning on Facebook, photo in support,  be "in the company of twenty citizens in a cell van ".

The unusually massive police deployment in the streets was visible to prevent demonstrators from approaching the Grande Poste, the emblematic building in central Algiers and the epicenter of protests since the first Friday of protest, on 22 February.

"The people do not want the power of the army", "There are tired of the generals!" and "Gaïd Salah clears!" chanted the protesters in Algiers, but also "no elections, mafia gang!". Beyond Algiers, important demonstrations also took place in several other cities, including Oran and Constantine, second and third cities of Algeria.

The fatigue accumulated during the month of Ramadan did not begin mobilization across Algeria, in order to demand the departure of the "system" and the cancellation of the presidential July 4th.

LADH also denounced the arrest of two young activists in Oran.

On the eve of the expiry of the deadline for the submission of candidatures, no personality has declared and the massive rejection of the polls gives rise to fears of ethical participation, raising more and more uncertainty about the holding of the presidential election.