Algeria: Mass protests continue and start of a five-day general strike

March 10th 2019

After three weeks of massive and peaceful popular mobilization against President Abdelaziz Bouteflika's fifth term and in the absence of an official response from the government to the demands of the streets, calls for a five-day general strike have invaded social networks. On March 10 a general strike began aiming to paralyzing the country so that the power in place finally hear the demand for urgent change of the population.

In the same day, students continue to organize protest marches and occupy universities in numerous cities; various businesses and public institutions are on strike. Transport is stopped in several cities. Some of the businesses and markets are closed. Large companies, such as the food division of the conglomerate Cevital, the national oil company Sonatrach or the company Algerie Telecom, are affected by the strike movement.

Various independent unions, and public services like health and education, have called for a strike. Several sections of UGTA have dismissed their leadership under the control of the ruling power. Calling for the departure of the leader Sidi Said, who has continued to support President Bouteflika, they support the historic people's movement for change and participate in the strike.