Algerian civil society adopts a transitional proposal

June 15th 2019

While massive demonstrations and arrests of activists and ruling figures continue, the "national conference for a way out of the crisis" was organized in Algiers on June 15 by associations and autonomous unions (mainly health and education). After several preparatory meetings, this dynamic of civil society has adopted this joint initiative which calls for the opening of political negotiations for a transition to democracy. At the initiative of the Confederation of Autonomous Trade Unions (CSA), the process brings together about 80 associations and organizations (including LADDH, RAJ, SOS Disappeared, SNPSSP, CNAPESTE, UNPEF and SNAPEST, Amel collective of religious associations, Civil Forum for the change, collective of the Association of Ulemas).

The document, dubbed "a new Algerian Republic" focuses on "a transition of more than 6 months, a presidential authority and a government of national competencies" to manage current affairs. The initiative calls for the establishment of an independent commission to "direct, organize and report the election results while guaranteeing the control mechanisms".

Not pretending to represent the whole of civil society, it calls for the opening of a "global national dialogue with the actors of the political class, civil society, national personalities and activists of the uprising, on the political, economic and social situation of the country and the ways out of the crisis ".

It highlights the "need to bring together the necessary conditions for the beginning of a real transition, including time and openness, which allows a real break with the dictatorial and corrupt system and guarantees the establishment of legitimate and credible institutions”.