Demonstrations in Europe to support the rescue of migrants in the Mediterranean :

October 24th 2018

Various European cities witnessed on Saturday thousands of civilian activists and sympathizers of victims of clandestine immigration protested for support for rescuing migrants from drowning in the Mediterranean as they try to reach Europe.


The demonstrations spread to about 50 French cities and in Madrid, Brussels and Palermo at the invitation of the Soc Mediterranee Association to alert the rescue operations to the sea, causing hundreds of migrants to drown.


The port of Marseille witnessed the presence of more than 3,500 demonstrators in front of the rescue ship "Aquarius" in protest against the threat of the authorities to stop rescue operations provided by "Aquarius."


A spokeswoman for the "SOS Mediterranee" said that the main objective of these demonstrations is to broaden the sympathy of the general public with the issue of secret immigration and its victims, as well as during the authorities on the decision to stop the rescue operations carried out by the ship "Aquarius," noting in the same context that the ship saved about 29,500 people since the beginning of its work in 2016.