MAJALAT Thematic Workshop on Economic Policies and Social Dialogue (Beirut, lebanon), 6-7 April 2019

36 delegates from civil society organizations and experts from the Southern Neighborhood (VS) participated in Majalat Thematic Workshop on Economic Policies and Social Dialogue. This workshop focused on the trade and investment policies adopted by the European Neighborhood Policy (ENP) and their impact on economic and social rights as well as on human rights in general in the region.


Over the two days, participants had the opportunity to deepen discussions on the following topics:

  • work hinders effective regional cooperation and the achievement of sustainable development on a regional and national level.
  • The status of the EU policy coherence and its impact on the Union’s external policies, particularly those affecting the Neighborhood South.
  • The trade liberalization tools promoted by the EU towards the region since the Arab Uprisings throughout its investment plan and the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreements; and their impact on socioeconomic and environmental rights .
  • The impact of this cooperation on the enabling environment of the civil society in the countries of the Neighborhood South: critical overview of the EU CSO roadmaps to engage with the civil society.
  • The impact of the increasing role of the private sector in development policies of the European Union and to which extent does this sector abides to human rights standards.

Firstly, the participants dealt in a critical manner with the European political documents related to the topics. Then, they presented the priorities and recommendations to be discussed at Majalat’s second Regional Conference in September 2019 in Tunis, with a view to preparing the Brussels Civil Forum in November 2019.

The priorities and recommendations were included in a concluding document of the workshop (including references to the relevant European documents).


- Concept note in English / Arabic

-Agenda in English / Arabic

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