Majalat Workshop on Economic Policies & Social Dialogue in the Southern Neighborhood (Beirut, lebanon), 6-7 April 2019

April 6th 2019

35 delegates from 30 civil society organisations and from 8 countries will participate in the Thematic Workshop on Economic Policies and Social Dialogue in the Neighborhood South (NS) 2019. This Workshop will deepen the discussion on the following topics in order to determine specific entry points and recommendations to be discussed in the NS Policy 2019 and the Brussels Civil Forum 2019:


  • work hinders effective regional cooperation and the achievement of sustainable development on a regional and national level ( with a critical analysis of the Arab Economic and Social Development Summit and the EU-LAS Summit,  and their implications on the partnership).


  • The status of the EU policy coherence and its impact on the EU external policies, particularly those affecting the NS(with reflections from national cases : Syria and Lebanon).


  • The trade liberalization tools promoted by the EU towards the region since the Arab uprisings throughout its investment plan and the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreements,and their impact on socioeconomic and environmental rights (with reflections from national cases : Tunisia - ongoing 3 rd round of negotiations and civil society push back - , Lebanon - overview of investment plans with the EU - ).


  • The impact of this cooperation on the enabling environment of the civil society in the countries of the NS: critical overview of the EU CSO roadmaps to engage with the civil society ( with reflections on Tunisian and Lebanon country roadmaps).


  • The impact of the increasing role of the private sector in development policies of the EU and to which extent does this sector abides to human rights standards (with overview of Egyptian, Jordan and Lebanon national cases).

(Concept Note & Agenda )