Majalat video contest winners bring "crucial testimonials" regarding grassroots realities and youth engagement

Rabee Karzoun, a young Lebanese film director, won the first prize (5,000 euros) in the Majalat video contest. His film Anahon gives voice to the people of Tripoli and the wider region, highlighting the country’s current unprecedented protest movement.

In a position paper released on November 29, Majalat examines the European Union’s response to the Lebanese uprisings and proposes policy recommendations for reform that should be promoted in the framework of the EU- Southern Neighborhood pa


The European Parliament (EP) adopted a resolution on November 28, calling on the Algerian authorities to end the repression and move towards a democratic solution.The EP strongly condemns the arbitrary a

Majalat competition: 19 video reports in final competition

Some 35 participants from 8 countries in the southern Mediterranean region registered for the Majalat video contest "Zooming in on Civil Society." Nineteen young talents reached the final competition.

Les attaques du gouvernement israélien contre la société civile se durcissent encore

The Israeli Supreme Court on November 5, 2019 upheld the Israeli government’s authority to deport Omar Shakir, the Israel and Palestine director of Human Rights Watch.

Majalat National activity 2019 - OJA - Morocco

Five national organizations from the Southern Mediterranean civil society are carrying out Majalat-funded projects this month following the call for projects launched last July.

Cyber-surveillance against Moroccan human rights defenders: an Israeli company in the hot seat

Two prominent Moroccan human rights defenders have been targeted using surveillance technologies developed by the Israeli company NSO Group, reveals a new report released

Frontex wants to monitor the social networks of migration candidates, diasporas and civil society

European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex) has launched a call for tenders to collect data on the social networks of candidates for migration to Europe.

Egypte : « l’UE ferme les yeux sur la répression massive »

Since September 20, 2019, peaceful protests against rampant corruption have been repressed with an iron fist in Egypt.

Algérie : la répression s’accentue et la mobilisation de la société civile internationale aussi

In a context of increasing repression of peaceful demonstrations by Algerian security forces, hundreds of people have been arbitrarily arrested since early September, including many human rights defenders.

Associating ''Protection of the European way of life'' and security is ''unacceptable''

For Solidar, the renaming of the European Commissioner's portfolio, which now combines migration and "protection of the European way of life", amounts to unacceptably linking migration and security, as if they were two sides of the same coin.

Algérie : appels de la société civile contre la répression qui s’accentue

A group of more than 100 Algerian intellectuals, including journalists, writers, academics, doctors and lawyers, issued a public appeal on 24 September for an immediate halt to the crackdown and arrests against activists and protesters, denouncing "a campaign of arrests again brutally and illegal