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The general prosecution office in Ismailia issued today 18th of September 2019 a decision to imprison six workers of Uglu factory (2 female workers among them) located in Ismailia investment zone 15 days on pending investigations (remand) that the general prosecution began.

On September 14th, factory workers began a sit-in to protest against the administration's abstention from paying them their due annual raise of salary. The security forces dispersed their sit-ins and on Monday lined up 19 workers (men and women) on charges of disturbing public order, blocking traffic and inciting strikes. Ismailia's public prosecutor then issued a decision to release 13 workers, but to detain 6 workers for further investigation, before issuing its decision of imprisonment the six workers for 15 days.

SOLIDAR expressed its solidarity with the workers arrested in a statement, relaying information published by the Egyptian Center for Workers' Rights and Trade Unions (CTUWS).