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Women's rights

Some 35 participants from 8 countries in the southern Mediterranean region registered for the Majalat video contest "Zooming in on Civil Society." Nineteen young talents reached the final competition.

Selected by a professional jury from the region*, the first 3 winners will be announced during the event organized in Brussels on the evening of December 2nd, in parallel with the Civil Society Forum 2019.

From boiling streets in Beirut to polluted sites in Tunisia, from a center that supports young Palestinians to a Moroccan association for social entrepreneurship, from women surviving in Syria to young Tunisians working to prevent clandestine migration, and and environmental awareness campaign in Libya... With creativity, energy and commitment, the young directors produced video reports (3') which shine a light on civil society actors and their social, political, economic and environmental struggles.

These 19 independent and talented young finalists bring crucial testimony to the realities in the field and social movements in the region.

* The jury members are Khedija Lemkecher from Tunisia,  Elia Ghorbiah from Palestine, Sadeer Masoud from Syria and Bassam Alasad from Jordan.