Associating ''Protection of the European way of life'' and security is ''unacceptable''

For Solidar, the renaming of the European Commissioner's portfolio, which now combines migration and "protection of the European way of life", amounts to unacceptably linking migration and security, as if they were two sides of the same coin.

Algérie : appels de la société civile contre la répression qui s’accentue

A group of more than 100 Algerian intellectuals, including journalists, writers, academics, doctors and lawyers, issued a public appeal on 24 September for an immediate halt to the crackdown and arrests against activists and protesters, denouncing "a campaign of arrests again brutally and illegal

Egyptian and international civil society urge European states to denounce repression in Egypt

In an open letter to the European Union states, eighteen Egyptian and international civil society organizations (including Euromed Rights and Solidar) urged European countries, on September 17, to use this occasion to address the unprecedented levels of repression in Egypt.

Egypt: Imprisonment of six Uglu Factory workers for 15 days

The general prosecution office in Ismailia issued today 18th of September 2019 a decision to imprison six workers of Uglu factory (2 female workers among them) located in Ismailia investment zone 15 days on pending investigations (remand) that the general prosecution began.

Algeria: arrests and restrictions on freedom of movement after new presidential election announcement

In less than a week, about fifty arrests have been recorded, affecting political parties and civil society organizations. Those arrested include Karim Tabbou, Samir Ben Larbi and Fodil Boumala, three Hirak figures.

''The right to food in the Arab region'': a new report by Arab Watch (ANND)

The right to food is a priority in the current global situation and in the Arab region in particular.

The opening of Civil Society Neighborhood South Policy Seminar II in Tunis

The second edition of the Policy seminar aims to strengthen the capacities of civil society to defend urgent issues through the process of direct dialogue with the European Union (EU), which will take place at the second Brussels Forum on 2 and 3 December 2019.

Lebanon: Palestinians' anger at the new work permit requirement does not falter

On August 23, the Palestinians protested again to demand the same labor rights as Lebanese citizens, despite the announcement the day before the establishment of a new government commission to address the problem.

Sous la pression de la société civile, l’ONU reporte la conférence régionale sur la torture prévue en Egypte

Following an outcry from human rights activists and NGOs, the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) has decided to postpone its regional conference on “Defining and Criminalizing Torture in Legislation in the Arab Region” due to be held on 4-5 September 2019 in Cairo.

Algérie : HRW dénonce la détention puis l’expulsion d’Ahmed Benchemsi

Human Rights Watch (HRW), an international human rights NGO, denounced the detention on 9 August and the August 19 deportation of Ahmed Benchemsi, HRW’s director of communication and advocacy for the Middle East and North Africa.

FTDES critical look at migration policies of the EU and Tunisia

A group of researchers presented, on July 29 in Tunis, the first book of the Tunisian Forum for Economic and Social Rights (FTDES) on migration policies of the European Union (EU) in the southern Mediterranean and Tunisia.

Lebanon: Civil society and NGOs outraged by cancellation of the Mashrou' Leila concert

After several days of intense controversy in the country and threats made some Christian clergy and others in the wider population, the concert of the pro-LGBT rock band originally scheduled for August 9 as part of the Byblos festival was canceled by organizers wanting to "avoid bloodshed".