What are the implications of the European trade and investment policies on human rights, especially the social and economic rights?

April 15th 2019

work of the structured dialogue between the civil society organizations of the Southern Mediterranean and the European Union.


The workshop witnessed the participation of 36 representatives of civil society organizations and southern neighbourhood experts to discuss the trade and investment policies of the European Neighbourhood Policy and its impact on economic, social and human rights, in general, in the region.

work of European and southern neighbourhood relations affect the effectiveness of regional partnership and sustainable development regionally and nationally? What are the implications of the European Investment Plan and the Comprehensive and In-depth Free Trade Agreement (ALECA) on Economic, Social and Environmental Rights? What is the critical view of the road mappers of the European Union's commitment to the civil society organizations in the region? What are the implications of the growing role of the private sector in the development policies of the European Union and its commitment to the human rights’ standards?


Following a critical reading of the European policy documents related to the workshop themes, the participants presented priorities and recommendations to be discussed at the Second Regional Forum for Regions, in September 2019, in preparation for the Civil Conference to be held in Brussels in November 2019.

The priorities and recommendations were included in a concluding document of the workshop (including references to the relevant European documents).