Women’s rights must be on top of political leaders’ agenda

March 8th 2019

In light of the current backlash against women’s rights in the Euro-Mediterranean region and beyond, EuroMed Rights is working against backsliding on progress already made by actively opposing the forces driving the backlash.

This year, important elections will take place in Tunisia, Algeria and for the EU Parliament. In this context, EuroMed Rights calls on decision makers to make the protection and promotion of women’s rights a key political priority and to denounce and counter any roll-back on fundamental legislation and public policies on women’s rights and gender equality.

Commenting on the issue, EuroMed Rights’ Vice President, Catherine Teule said: “It is crucial to formulate and fund serious policies fighting gender discrimination. Indeed, women face discrimination in all areas of their daily lives; on the labor market, in public and political life as well as through the continued widespread practice of gender-based violence against women. Unacceptable and contrary to the fundamental values and principles of the EU and numerous international Conventions, these violations will continue to occur if they are not taken seriously by national authorities.”

On this 8th March, even if we cannot neglect the few advances made, EuroMed Rights highlights some of the backlashes against women’s rights in the region and draws attention to the obstacles faced by feminist civil society as it continues to fight violence against women (information about women rights’ struggles in Spain, Jordan, Sweden, Palestine, Turkey and Syria).