Southern Neighbourhood
Good governance and rule of law
Economic development and social dialogue
Climate and social justice
Migration and mobility
Security and countering violence
Women's rights

The Majalat project is organising its Southern Neighbourhood Policy Seminar and thematic workshops from 23 November to 1 December 2020.

With the participation of thematic experts from Majalat and representatives from the European Union, the thematic workshops of Majalat will be organised from 23 to 27 November 2020. The workshops will focus on governance, the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), security, youth, migration and climate justice.

The South Seminar will close these workshops with two plenary sessions on 30 November and 1 December 2020. These sessions will include three main panels:

Political situation in the region:

 This panel will address geopolitics in the region, including the normalization of relations with Israel, the political role of global actors, including the EU, in the region and movements, repression and civic space.

Socio-economic situation in the region:
 Issues of socio-economic impacts of Covid-19, economic alternatives, climate justice and food sovereignty will be discussed during this discussion.

EU Priorities and Future Policies: The EU Migration Pact, the Investment Plan and MFF, the CSO perspective on migration, the European Investment Plan and the MFF will be addressed by the latter panel.

The Seminar will be closed on 1 December with a Final Declaration.

To join the Seminar, please visit the official website of Majalat :