Southern Neighbourhood
Migration and mobility

In May 2020, the MAJALAT consortium launched a series of webinars which will run until the end of September and will cover 6 thematic areas in the framework of 3 cycles. They include Governance and the Rule of Law, Economic Development and Social Dialogue, Migration and Mobility, Security and the Fight against Violence, Climate Justice and the cross-cutting topic of Youth. The focus of the webinars
varies depending on the cycle. The first cycle aimed to reflect on the impact of the COVID-19 crisis in the specific area of ​​the Euro-Mediterranean region and to follow up on the recommendations that were made during the MAJALAT 2019 cycle of activities. The second cycle focused on capacity building in order to deepen the knowledge of civil society on relevant EU policies. Finally, the third series of
webinars, which will take place throughout the month of September, will be held with the aim of discussing the impact of the crisis on the thematic areas in question and the recommendations of MAJALAT, in the presence of representatives of the EU.