Southern Neighbourhood

MAJALAT Youth Workshops I and II, on November 24th and 27th, aim particularly at inviting youth  and youth civil society organizations from Euro-med countries (mostly from the SM) to actively  engage with the EU representatives in devising ways and means for concretizing the  aforementioned recommendations, (See list of recommendations in Annexes I & II). More  precisely, the participants will be:  

1. Updated on the new developments in EU policies on the topic of youth as crosscutting  edge in the contexts of socio-economic developments and inclusion, migration and  mobility, education and employability, health and security, and rule of law; 
2. Invited to put into their perspectives and discussions during the breakout sessions to  consolidate previously generated recommendations (see Annexes I & II), and enlarging  their scopes if needed.  
3. Propose tangible and result-oriented operationalization mechanisms and implementation  tools that could be proposed and negotiated to the EU representatives who will be  attending the event on the 27th of November. 

In so doing, participants are particularly requested to bring to the forth their own advocacy  experiences as well as propositions; and discuss and advise suggestions on how can regional and  bilateral agreements with EU improve their advocacy on youth issues, along with its crosscutting  fields of action.