As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to sweep countries around the world, spreading in successive waves, the economic and social crisis is likely to intensify with the increasing pressures and challenges facing countries at the economic, health and social levels. 
With the increasing facts indicating the many deficiencies in the fields of women’s work in the Arab region, reaching unprecedented levels of human rights abuses, the Arab Trade Union Confederation (ATUC) must present its recommendations within the framework of the socio-economic response and the recovery measures that are proposed by governments.
ATUC’s Secretariat had completed this guidance memorandum on the status of working women in the Arab region through presenting a set of situational examples outlining the experiences of the segments of women who were among the most affected during the COVID-19.
The segments of women that would be referred to in this memorandum will include local domestic workers and migrant agricultural workers. The aim is to develop mechanisms to address the forms of vulnerable work and unfair exploitation patterns.

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