Good governance and rule of law

In a press release published on 23 January, the Algerian League for the Defence of Human Rights (LADDH) announced that a decision to dissolve it had been taken following a complaint by the Ministry of the Interior with the administrative court of Algiers on 4 May.

LADDH explained that it learnt of the decision via social media where a document, from an anonymous source, revealed that the dissolution had been pronounced in a trial held on 29 September.

Specifying that a trial was held in the absence of any representative, the NGO said that like other organisations, it was "paying" for its "commitment to democracy, freedom, and human rights".

"As with other organisations, the issue of compliance with the law on associations has always been blocked and exploited by the public authorities," the NGO said adding that “a continuous harassment… which takes, with this latest decision, an extremely serious proportion.”