Good governance and rule of law

A few weeks before COP 27, which will be held from 6 to 18 November in Sharm-el-Sheikh, Amnesty International has called on the Egyptian authorities to respect human rights.

In a day of reflection and testimony on the human rights situation in Egypt, the NGO said that the members of the civil society must be protected at COP 27, adding that this event must be used to set up a concrete work programme protecting human rights in the country.

Amnesty International’s Secretary General Agnes Callamard explained that “the Egyptian authorities have set up the National Strategy for Human Rights as a kind of cover for their ongoing human rights violations, thinking that they can mislead the world before COP 27.”

Hussein Baoumi, Amnesty International’s expert on the situation in Egypt, called on all COP 27 participants to “first acknowledge that there is a human rights crisis taking place in the country” so that authorities do not “use it for greenwashing.”