Good governance and rule of law

Famous construction entrepreneur and actor living in exile, Egyptian Mohamed Ali has been sentenced to life imprisonment by a military court in the country.

In 2019, the businessman became famous in Egypt with his videos, filmed from his Spanish exile, which went viral on social media. The actor accused the president of the Republic, and his system, mainly the army, of corruption.

After the broadcasting of these videos, hundreds of people organised protest rallies in Cairo and in several other cities in the country. These movements were violently repressed by the regime, which arrested 4,000 protestors.

Mohamed Ali, who has been living in Barcelona since 2018, was tried for life with 37 co-defendants. Several dozen other people were sentenced to sentences ranging from five to fifteen years in prison, according to the official press. The man has also been blacklisted as a “terrorist”, which means that he is banned from travelling and his assets in Egypt are frozen.