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The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has ordered France to pay five thousand euros to three families of asylum seekers who were not provided with shelter in 2018.

The three families concerned had court rulings in their favour but had not been able to obtain redress from the local authorities in Toulouse. Having arrived in France in April, May and June 2018, the three families (two Congolese and one Georgian) had obtained asylum certificates from the Haute-Garonne prefecture, but their requests for accommodation remained unanswered.

The ECHR judge thus considered that the prefect “did not respond to the applicants’ requests and did not execute these orders before the intervention of the provisional measures pronounced by the Court, following which only the applicants were accommodated” and ordered the French authorities to pay 5,000 euros to each of the three families, as well as 7,150 euros jointly for costs and expenses.