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Migration and mobility

In a statement published on Friday 12 May, the prefecture of the Île-de-France region announced that the Stalingrad camp, located in the north-east of Paris, had been evacuated. A number of 335 migrants from Afghanistan and sub-Saharan Africa have been directed to emergency accommodation in Île-de-France and other regions. Since the beginning of the year, the authorities have adopted a zero-tolerance policy towards the presence of any camp, even small ones, in the streets of the capital.


This is the 15th "sheltering" operation since January to help homeless migrants in the Paris region, bringing the number of people taken in to over 2,000. The state intends to prevent the reconstitution of large migrant camps, which still numbered several thousand people on the outskirts of Paris in early 2020.


From now on, even the smallest camps will be dismantled automatically, causing migrants to hide every evening and set up their boxes in isolated places to avoid being evicted at night. Tents, which used to be tolerated, are now systematically removed from the public space. Minors are not spared from these measures.