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After the publication of a prefectoral decree, more than 80 young isolated migrants were evacuated from the Place de la Bastille in Paris where they camped for 119 days. The announcement was made on Twitter by the association Utopia56, that denounced “the silence of the authorities in the face of the situation of these young people, condemned to wander.”

In a statement given to InfoMigrants, Nikolaï Posner, representative of Utopia56, said that the migrants “were woken up at 7am by the state services and then taken away in buses, under the eyes of the CRS who surrounded the camp.”

It is worth noting that these isolated young people set up camp on the Place de la Bastille on 23 May with the help of Utopia56 to draw the attention of the French authorities to their situation. As they are not entitled to care because they have not been recognised as minors by the courts, these migrants are in a blocked administrative situation while waiting for the judges to rule on the appeal they have filed.

The Île-de-France regional health agency has announced that an epidemic of scabies has been detected in the camp, which has led the region’s prefecture to evacuate it.