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The Greek coastguard has announced that a boat carrying 80 migrants has sunk in the south-eastern Aegean Sea leaving almost 50 people missing. Having managed to save 29 people, the Greek coastguard is still searching for the missing people.

Survivors reported that about “80 people were on board the boat” that capsized and sank. However, state-run Ert television said on Wednesday afternoon that the number of people on board the boat was “between 30 and 60”, which would imply a maximum of 30 missing. Ert quoted coastguard spokesman Nikos Kokalaswho said that“it is not possible that this boat can carry 80 migrants, we are talking about a smaller number.”

Since January 2022, 64 people have died in the eastern Mediterranean trying to reach Europe. The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) recalls that 111 people lost their lives in these waters in 2021.