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According to internal European Union (EU) documents obtained by Al Jazeera, significant violations of migrants' rights have been revealed in migrant centres in Greece, including security, access to asylum, health care and the provision of interpreters.


The Qatari news channel relied on dozens of weekly reports written by European Commission representatives on the islands between March 2022 and February 2023.


In the centre of Samos, EU representatives have repeatedly reported a lack of medical staff, especially for unaccompanied minors who are confined to "safe areas" inside the camp.


The lack of doctors in all centres is "a huge problem" according to the Commission's rapporteurs. This leads to delays in the provision of medical care and in the medical examinations necessary to determine the age or vulnerable status of new arrivals eligible for protection measures and special procedures.


In the Leros facility, the European Commission has documented frequent problems of violence and vandalism in the area reserved for unaccompanied minors, mainly due to overcrowding.


In addition, the EU expresses concern about the lack of interpreters, which leads to delays in processing asylum applications and limits access to care for asylum seekers. EU documents also highlight problems with access to clean water. Last year, asylum seekers in the Samos camp were without running water for more than two weeks.