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AlikaOgorchukwu, a 39-year-old Nigerian man, died on Friday 29 July in the centre of Civitanova Marche, a tourist town in the Marche region on Italy’s Adriatic coast, after being beaten by a 32-year-old Italian man, FerlazzoAmbulante.

Arrested on Monday 1 August, the attacker claimed that his act “was not racially motivated”, explaining that the victim “insisted” on selling him and his companion some handkerchiefs, before asking them for “change.”

The scene, which took place shortly after 2pm on Friday in the centre of Civitanova Marche, lasted for almost four minutes and was filmed in its entirety by passers-by who did not bother to intervene to defend or save AlikaOgorchukwu.

The video, which has been widely circulated on social networks, shows how the attacker rushed at the victim, who was disabled, grabbed his crutch, hit him in the face with it, and then lashed out at him with his bare hands, all to the complete indifference of passers-by.

This murder shook the whole country and created a large wave of indignation a few weeks before the early parliamentary elections where the far-right parties are widely favoured according to the polls.