Women's rights

In the framework of its project "Towards greater economic participation of women in Jordan", funded by the European Union (EU) and implemented in partnership with the consortium formed by the Business Development Centre (BDC) and the Tamkeen Centre for Legal Aid and Human Rights - the EuroMed Feminist Initiative (EFI) has launched a media campaign entitled "Your work is everywhere" in Jordan.

The main aim of this new campaign is to raise awareness among the general public about the importance of gender equality in the distribution of tasks and responsibilities within the household. Its implementation was decided following the publication of a report by the Jordanian Department of Statistics which revealed that Jordanian women represent only 14% of the working population while a study conducted by the Higher Population Council indicates that 78% of married Jordanian women have stopped working. The study also points out that 45% of the women surveyed explain that they stopped working because of their family responsibilities.

In a press release, the EFI explained that it wanted to promote an equal division of domestic tasks in order to encourage more married women to work or keep their jobs.