Migration and mobility

The body in charge of fighting irregular immigration in Libya, which is affiliated to the Tripoli government’s Ministry of the Interior, deported more than 200 foreigners at the country’s eastern and southern borders on Thursday 24 November.

About 105 Egyptians, 101 Chadians, and 20 Sudanese were deported via a road convoy organised by the body in charge of fighting irregular immigration, through an unprecedented coordination between rival regions.

In a statement given to AFP, Badreddine El-Sed Ben Hamed, deputy head of the office in charge of deportations, said that “the number of people who are subject to an expulsion order is growing and the prisons are overcrowded, which creates many difficulties.”

In the presence of representatives of their embassies, the foreigners concerned were first put in rooms where police officers distributed food and water before giving them a pass and putting them on buses. Once in Ajdabiya, the Egyptians will be taken back to the Salloum border crossing, while the Chadians and Sudanese will head back to Kufra (south) and then Al-Aouenate on the border with Sudan.