Southern Neighbourhood
Good governance and rule of law
Economic development and social dialogue
Climate and social justice
Migration and mobility
Security and countering violence
Women's rights

In January 2021, Majalat launched its mobile journalism competition for journalists, activists, and amateurs working in the fields of content creation and journalistic work from Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Morocco, Palestine, Syria, Libya and Tunisia.


Applicants were asked to submit video reports on the following topics:

  • Good governance and rule of law 
  • Economic development and social dialogue 
  • Migration 
  • Security and the fight against violence 
  • Climate and social justice
  • Youth


The first jury, made up of member organizations of Majalat, examined whether the submitted videos conform to Majalat’s themes. The second jury, made up of renowned experts in mobile journalism from southern countries, examined the technical aspects of the videos (the originality and innovation of the covered subject, the angle of presentation, image quality, sound, and translation).


Majalat is now pleased to announce the winners of its competition:

  • 1st prize: 3500 € goes to Aymen Mehrzi from Tunisia for his video entitled 500 k female farmers deprived from their rights 
  • 2nd prize: 2500 € goes to Tala Ayoub from Jordan for her video entitled Dead sea 
  • 3rd prize: 2000 € goes to Narjes Ben Slama from Tunisia for her video entitled Europe is not the edge of my dreams 
  • 4th prize: 1000 € goes to Tessougmine Bourzik from Morocco for her video entitled What’s the vaccine for climate change 
  • 5th prize: 1000 € goes to Nedra Ismail from Tunisia for her video entitled Violence against women


winnders decision