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The new European Union (EU) Agency for Asylum officially started its work on 19 January 2022 after being given a reinforced mandate. The Agency, which emerged from the new European Pact on Migration and Asylum, replaces the European Asylum Support Office.

In a press release, the European Commission noted that the objectives of the new agency are to help ensure that asylum decisions are taken quickly and fairly and that reception standards converge across the EU, resulting in more uniform decision-making and greater harmonisation of Member States’ asylum systems.

The new agency, which will receive €172 million in EU funds in 2022, will launch eight operations (in Belgium, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, and Spain) and, with the help of its 2,000 staff, will support the asylum and reception authorities in the Member States. Its 500 experts will also provide more effective support to national asylum systems faced with high caseloads, making the overall system for managing migration flows in the EU more efficient and sustainable.