Southern Neighbourhood
Migration and mobility

The United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR) has announced that the fighting in Sudan has displaced more than a million people.


At a press briefing in Geneva last week, Matthew Saltmarsh, spokesman for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, said 843,000 people had been internally displaced while another 250,000 had fled across Sudan's borders.


Egypt, the country hosting the largest number of Sudanese refugees, has more than 5,000 arrivals per day. The Egyptian government has announced that nearly 110,000 Sudanese have entered the country. In South Sudan, arrival rates remain high, at around 1,500 people per day. Of the 63,000 people who entered, many were South Sudanese refugees in Sudan, according to UNHCR.


Faced with the massive influx of refugees and internally displaced people, UNHCR is making an urgent appeal to ensure the safety of civilians and to facilitate the free flow of humanitarian aid into Sudan.


According to the Sudanese Commission for Refugees, approximately 88,000 refugees hosted in Sudan have fled Khartoum to the White Nile, Gedaref, Kassala Madani and Port Sudan regions. In the White Nile region, more than 75,000 South Sudanese refugees have taken refuge after leaving Khartoum.