Good governance and rule of law

Tunisians did not show up in large numbers on Saturday 18 December to elect members of the new parliament.At the close of polls at 6pm, the Independent High Authority for the Elections (ISIE)announced a turnout of 8.8% for the first round of voting.

After the announcement of this rate of participation, the head of the main coalition of opponents, Ahmed Nejib Chebbi, called on the President of the Republic to “immediately leave office.” In an interview with AFP, the politician said that this rate of participation, only 803,000 voters out of 9 million voted, is a “great popular disavowal of the process” launched by the head of state on 25 July.

It is worth noting that the new Parliament, which will only be constituted after a second round of voting by the beginning of March, will have very limited prerogatives and will not, for example, be able to initiate a motion of censure against the President of the Republic.