Good governance and rule of law

Tunisian President Kais Saied introduced a new decree-law limiting the role of political parties in parliament.


Presented on Thursday evening, the text provides that the 161 deputies of the next Assembly of People’s Representatives will be elected individually and no longer by voting for a list presented by a political party, a change that will weaken the influence of political formations.


The MPs will be elected in a two-round uninominal pollings in 151 constituencies in Tunisia and 10 abroad. Voting will take place on Saturday 17 December in Tunisia and from 15 to 17 December abroad. Candidates must present a copy of the bulletin No. 3 free of any criminal record, a tax and municipal discharge, a summary of the electoral programme, and the list of 400 sponsors supporting their candidacy.


It is worth noting that the opposition parties rejected the text, announcing that they would boycott any election organised under the new Constitution presented by the president.