Good governance and rule of law

Tunisia's main opposition coalition, the National Salvation Front (NFST), issued a statement announcing that the police tried to prevent its public meeting in a popular neighbourhood of the capital, Tunis.

Organised in the Mnihla, where Kais Saied used to live before moving to Carthage Palace in 2019, the meeting was heavily disrupted by police intervention against the NFST leaders. Photos and video footage of this intervention were widely circulated on social networks and relayed by local media.

"Despite attempts by the authorities to ban the NFST from meeting in Mnihla, it managed to hold a public rally and voice its struggle against the coup," the DSF said in its statement. "We denounce the attack by members of Kais Saied's militia and their use of physical and verbal violence against us," the political coalition commented, criticising "threats to the right of expression and assembly".

The coalition also called for "a strong participation" in a protest planned for 14 January on the anniversary of the fall of Ben Ali.