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A terrorist attack took place at the synagogue of Djerba, where an armed gendarme targeted a group of pilgrims, resulting in the deaths of a Tunisian citizen and a French citizen. Additionally, the attacker targeted two other gendarmes who lost their lives in the attack. The incident occurred towards the end of a Jewish pilgrimage on the island of Djerba, located off the Tunisian coast.


The attacker, a gendarme whose identity has not been disclosed yet, first killed one of his colleagues before turning to attack the worshippers inside the synagogue. He was later neutralized by Tunisian law enforcement officials who shot him dead.


Fethi Bakkouche, the spokesman for the court in Medenine (south-east), under whose authority the island of Djerba is located, told AFP that a preliminary criminal investigation had been opened. So far, the Tunisian authorities have not qualified this event as "terrorism". France has condemned this heinous act.