Security and countering violence
Women's rights

The debate on violence against women in the Arab world has been reignited by two feminicides of an Egyptian and a Jordanian woman.

The first murder occurred on 20 June in northern Cairo when the 21-year-old student Naira Ashraf was attacked and stabbed to death in broad daylight at the entrance to Mansoura University by a man she refused. The aggressor, Mohammed Adel, was sentenced to death on Tuesday 28 June, convicted of “premeditated murder.”

On 23 June, Amman University witnessed the murder of 21-year-old nursing student Iman Rashid. The murder sparked a widespread outcry in Jordan, where Internet users called for a full review of laws protecting women’s rights and criminalising violence against them.

In both countries and beyond, these two feminicides have reignited the debate on violence against women in the Arab world, where several voices have called for new regulations on sexual and gender-based violence, while several feminist groups have called for a transnational women’s strike in the Middle East.