In a statement published on Friday 12 May, the prefecture of the Île-de-France region announced that the Stalingrad camp, located in the north-east of Paris, had been evacuated.

The exchange of missiles and rockets between the Israeli occupation and armed groups in Gaza has killed 32 people in three days. Despite mediation efforts to stop the escalation, the two sides continued to exchange missiles and rockets on Friday 12 May.

On 11 May, MEPs demanded the immediate and unconditional release of Ihsane El-Kadi, an Algerian newspaper publisher, and called on the Algerian authorities to guarantee media freedom.

A terrorist attack took place at the synagogue of Djerba, where an armed gendarme targeted a group of pilgrims, resulting in the deaths of a Tunisian citizen and a French citizen. Additionally, the attacker targeted two other gendarmes who lost their lives in the attack.

France was once again reprimanded by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) last week for detaining foreign minors, including infants as young as 7 and 8 months old. This marks the eleventh time France has been convicted of such practices since 2012.

According to a report from the Italian newspaper La Sicilia, approximately 2,000 individuals arrived on the island of Lampedusa over the course of the weekend, with 1,326 of them arriving on Saturday 6 May alone.

In a closed-door meeting at the Arab League headquarters in Cairo, Arab foreign ministers agreed on Sunday to readmit the Syrian regime into the organization. The regime had been suspended in 2011 due to its brutal suppression of a popular uprising that escalated into a deadly war.

On Thursday, Amnesty International called for a campaign urging individuals to send emails to companies marketing facial recognition products, demanding an immediate cessation of production and the destruction of all biometric data illegally obtained by Israeli occupation forces.


An Egyptian human rights activist told AFP that the uncles of a former Egyptian MP, who had expressed his interest to run for the presidential election in 2024, were presented before the State Security Prosecution on May 4th.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has announced that it will need $445 million to help an estimated 860,000 people who may flee deadly fighting between the army and paramilitaries in Sudan by October.


Tunisia's ranking in the World Press Freedom Index, published by Reporters Without Borders (RSF), has significantly declined from 94th place to 121st due to measures taken by President Kaïs Saïed to increase his power.

On Tuesday, May 2nd, 2023, the prison administration of the Israeli occupation issued a statement revealing that a Palestinian prisoner was discovered unconscious in his cell. The prisoner was subsequently hospitalized but unfortunately passed away.