Algeria: The authorities put a strain on CSOs .

Administrative blockages, seizure of bank accounts, prohibition of activities, pressure on employees, threats of dissolution ... Algerian CSOs denounce the new obstacles of Algerian authorities to prevent civil society from functioning.

In Kerker (Tunisia) citizens fight against the pollution of an Italian factory

The Tunisian Forum for Economic and Social Rights (FTDES) denounces the authorization granted by the Tunisian Ministry of Industry to reopen an Italian olive-pomace factory, closed in 2016 for environmental pollution and deterioration of the living conditions of t

5th EU Migration Forum : SOLIDAR called for a stronger recognition of the role of civil society

The Social Rights Monitor (SRM) is a tool developed by SOLIDAR members and partners to allow partner organizations and allies based in the country to assess the situations in terms of social protection, decent work and an enabling environment and track the progress made since the implementation o

Demonstrations in Europe to support the rescue of migrants in the Mediterranean :

Various European cities witnessed on Saturday thousands of civilian activists and sympathizers of victims of clandestine immigration protested for support for rescuing migrants from drowning in the Mediterranean as they try to reach Europe.